DIY // No-Sew Braided T-shirt Rug

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We're big t-shirt lovers around here, as you may assume, and we've got lots of old t-shirts to upcycle! This is the perfect project for a rainy or cold weekend, as it does take some time and patience. 

You'll Need:
A variety of jersey t-shirts and/or tank tops
Rotary cutter (optional)

Step 1  Cut your t-shirts into 1.5″ strips along the width of the body. This goes much quicker if you have a rotary cutter. You’ll want to cut the end of each of them so they’re strands and not loops of fabric.

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Step 2  Gather three strips and stack them. Tie a knot tightly into the top to begin.
Step 3  Start braiding the strips.
Step 4  Once you’ve braided about 4″ of the strips, coil the braid into a circle as shown above, with the knot in the center.
Step 5  Take the strand closest to the center and pass it under and through one of the loops in the braid you coiled. This is how you will attach the braid to the coil.
Step 6  Continue your braid another few inches. It should be attached to the center coil where you passed the one strand through.
Step 7  Every few inches, pass the strand closest to the center under and through the existing braid to attach it. You’ll do this continuously to create the entire rug! Braid and attach, braid and attach.

To add strips:
When you reach the end of the strip, you’ll want to attach another. Instead of making a bunch of knots, here is how you can quickly attach the next strand:

Step 1  Fold over the very end of the attached strand and cut a small slit into the center. Do the same with your new strand.
Step 2  Line up the two slits you cut on both strands as shown in photo 2.
Step 3  Take the other end of the new strand and pull it through the back of the slits towards the front.
Step 4  Pull both strands tightly and they will be linked together.

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The rug will tend to bunch up as you go along. To flatten it, spritz it with a spray water bottle and use your hands to push it back into shape. You can place some heavy objects on it to hold it down while you braid if you need to.

To finish the backing of the rug so it stays in place, iron on some fusible interfacing to the reverse side. You can also finish it with starch or Polycrylic spray as a protective measure.

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