Shine on Capricorn Babes

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You are the hardest-working members of the zodiac. Able to organize your thoughts and create specific plans, you set goals and work toward them. You seek to prove to the world that you are capable and efficient, and you don’t rest until you have either a title after your name or a business of your own.

Born old, you begin life with a serious start. Responsibility is often emphasized in your youth, and you are encouraged to make something of yourself. Once accomplishment becomes yours, however, look out! All of a sudden, the fun side of you becomes apparent, and your dry wit finds increasing opportunities for expression.

The Mountain Goat
Ruling planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Quality: Discipline
Ability: Working for goals

Source: Old Farmer's Almanac,

Shine on Sagittarius Babes

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You are the philosophers of the zodiac. On a personal mission to discover Truth (with a capital “T”), you intuitively understand that there is more to life and living than what is apparent on the surface. You seek to know the inner causes of the outer manifestations, and yours is a spiritual quest.

The Archer
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Quality: Philosophical
Ability: To see the bigger picture

Source: Old Farmer's Almanac,

Shine on Scorpio Babes

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You are the strongest members of the zodiac. Because of this, there is no middle road for you: Choose the high road or the low road, but choose you must. Unlike the other astrological signs of strength, you don’t waste it showing it off. You wait until you truly want something and then focus your will on your goals, drawing them in like a fisherman reels in his net. You have the capacity to get what you want.

The Scorpion or the Eagle
Ruling planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Quality: Willpower
Ability: To focus on goals

Source: Old Farmer's Almanac,

Shine on Libra Babes

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You are the tactful diplomats of the zodiac. Ever concerned with the impact of your words and actions, you strive for harmony in all things. You weigh and balance with careful deliberation and thoroughly think through all your plans and activities. Good at seeing all sides of a situation, you are often drawn to fields dealing with the law or courts. Justice is your companion.

While balance is your watchword, you do not maintain center at all times, rather, continuously swing and sway back and forth, always striving for the central point. If you work too many hours one week, you will sleep in a lot during the next. You intuitively sense where to fulfill your needs.

The Scales
Ruling planet: Venus
Element: Air
Quality: Relating
Ability: Diplomacy

Source: Old Farmer's Almanac,

Shine on Virgo Babes

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You are the organized thinkers of the zodiac. With a critical eye, you dissect and analyze all sorts of data. You seek perfection, and you are able to see instantly the flaw in any given situation. Loving information, you file and store it away for future retrieval. You understand computers intuitively, as your own brain functions in exactly the same manner. 

Incorporating a sense of humor into your personality keeps you from becoming overly serious. Dependable and responsible, you must guard against taking on the accountability of others. Once you have truly learned how to have fun, yours is an enviable life.

The Virgin
Ruling planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Quality: Logical
Ability: To reason

Source: Old Farmer's Almanac,